Week Three-Activity-Instagram

Today, on September 10, 2015, our Art 110 class was instructed to post four Instagram photos depicting our day. This concept is one known by “strict” Instagram users as breaking the unspoken rule of one post per day. At first, I was taken aback by this assignment because I didn’t want anything to mess up my feed or bother my followers. Before posting for the assignment on a different account, I realized it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to not post something online if I were proud of it or I enjoy it. I am very proud to be in a student in an art class. I’m proud of the fun pictures I took and edited today. I enjoyed completing my activity today. At that moment, the unspoken rule of Instagram was broken.

Another cool thing about our project was the hashtag, our group polaroid. I got to take a sneak peak into about a hundred other people’s lives today! All of these people have something in common with me (we are in art together; we attend the same university). But does this mean that we are connected in some way?

I believe we all live very separate lives. We are a community of students who share our differences.

Although, I found many interesting posts while scrolling through tonight! Some I will share below.


This picture I thought was so beautiful! I really love the artwork in this post. I believe it’s something I would post or take a picture of as well.


This picture I found very interesting because I myself am a fan of Zach Piona! I’m not sure if I’d have the guts to take a picture with him if I saw him at school again, but I’m glad these girls took the time to do so. He seems very sweet 🙂


These are just some more photos from the class polaroid. My pictures are featured here as well! Maybe you can spot them.

Instagram is a great way of expression. Although, this activity made me realize that even with four pictures a day, you only get a small peak into someone’s daily life.


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