Week Three-Artist Interview-Kayla Workman

This week, I had the opportunity to view the artwork of Kayla Workman in the show “Cross-Cultural and Community-based Practices in Art”. I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery without first talking to the artist or knowing anything about the work I was about to see. As I entered the room, I was surrounded by a variety of color, materials, and style amongst the pieces which were surrounded by the white walls. The walls allowed me to focus my mind onto each vibrant, individual piece. I made my way around the room, appreciating each set of work and reading their descriptions. I learned from the descriptions about different organizations including: Arts and Services for Disabled INC., Acacia Adult Day Services, and the NCADD-Woman to Woman. Each of these organizations supports different forms of art amongst elderly people for a variety of reasons.


These were some of my favorites. They were created by the Arts and Services for Disabled INC. I personally enjoy collages and bright colors so I was drawn to these allotments in specific.


Another project in the gallery that I found interesting was filled with polaroids. Each polaroid is taken of a pair of hands holding a phrase of what they enjoy doing with their hands. These polaroids tell the stories of people through their hands. One of the most popular polaroids and one I really liked was the one that says, ” I cook fried chicken with my hands”.

After viewing all of the displays in the gallery, I emerged into the group of students talking to Kayla, discussing her personal life as well as her work.


Kayla Workman, originally from North Dakota, is currently a student at Cal State Long Beach as an Art Education major. She had said that she had always wanted to be a teacher, beginning as a teacher’s assistant in high school. Specifically, she would like to teach high school photography. She has had a lot of experience with art education in the grades K-12. As previously stated, the artwork in the show was created by elderly people involved in different organizations. Part of her reasoning for wanting to work with seniors was that she believed she could learn from them since they have experienced more than she has. She also mentioned that she had a neighbor with Alzheimers and wanted to learn more about it.

I was very inspired at first by the gallery itself. I relished in learning and trying to relate to the stories of others in “Cross-Cultural and Community-based Practices in Art”. After learning about Kayla, I was able to take even more from the gallery. I saw the passion in her work, which was something so beautiful. She seems like a driven young woman and I am excited to see more of more of her work in the future.

Contact Kayla Workman:

Via email: KRWorkman@gmail.com

Website: Kaylaraecreates.weebly.com

Tumblr: Kayla-Rae-Photo.tumblr.com


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