Week Three-Classmate Conversation-Elizabeth Ochoa


Elizabeth Ochoa-Third Year

Today I was excited to meet a classmate named Elizabeth Ochoa. We had a very enjoyable conversation and even got to hangout for a bit. She started by telling me that she came to CSULB from a nearby town called Bellflower. Most people from the area would be familiar with this town. At her first year attending Long Beach State, Elizabeth decided to dorm despite not living too far in hopes of the complete college experience. She informed me that dorming allowed her to meet great friends which she even lives with now, off-campus in Long Beach.

Elizabeth is an engineering major! I, of course, awed at her determination and hard work for even continuing as a third year in this major. Elizabeth said that she actually enjoys math. So although engineering is a lot of work, she enjoys the challenge. She also told me that she decided to take Art 110 in hopes of improving her art skills.

Even though Elizabeth is the youngest child of four, she felt at times like an only child. This is because her closest sibling in age is 8 years apart. So, most of them had moved out throughout her years growing up. She told me that she was only a little spoiled.

Another thing Elizabeth and I talked about was working! We bonded over this subject because we are both full time students with jobs. Elizabeth works as a cashier at a grocery store called Big Saver. She told me that even though working with people can be difficult at times, she meets many nice people. She really enjoys opening because the people she helps check out are typically half asleep.

It was so nice to meet you, Elizabeth! I can’t wait to see your art this semester. Thanks for being such a sweet girl and an easy first interview.


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