Week Four-Classmate Conversation-Natalie Mai

Today in class I had the honor of meeting Natalie Mai. Natalie is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, just like myself! She is a commuter from the city of Fountain Valley in Orange County. She mentioned that she doesn’t necessarily mind living at home because her mom cooks for her whereas she only knows how to work a microwave. Since I know that making friends can be a struggle at such a large school, I asked her if she had been having a hard time as a commuter. Natalie told me that a majority of her friends from high school actually go to Long Beach as well! She said that sometimes it’s hard though since everyone has different schedules. For Natalie, college so far is alright. She began college as a health science major, switched to nursing, and then switched back to health science. She said that the nursing major was very intense where students needed a 4.0 to be able to get into the program and she decided not to go down that path. As a health science major, Natalie wants to become a PA in the future. For fun, Natalie likes to sleep!!!!! Just like me, Naps are life. Another thing Natalie and I have in common is that we are both in the class Human Biology (205). We are both in deep in this one with many, may hours to be spent studying this semester. Finally, I asked Natalie if she believed if art matters. She said that art is important because typically words are expressed through words and thoughts, but art makes feelings tangible. Nice to meet you, Natalie! I hope we’re able to study together and hangout this semester.

Check out her blog: ndmai.wordpress.com



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