Week Five-Classmate Conversation-Erika Cobarrubias

This week I had the chance to interview my classmate, Erika Cobarrubias. Erika is 19 years old and is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. Currently, she is an undeclared major. Her dream school is UCI. Since she’s undeclared, she is still unsure of her future profession. Although, she really wants to be a nurse or maybe go into physical therapy. Erika went to Los Alamitos High School and did choir there. She works at Dairy Queen. Her interests include drawing, listening to alternative and rock music and going to DIsneyland. She really likes to eat and will eat anything very adventurous. Another thing she really likes is old disney music such as Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and Cheetah Girls. I was raised with Disney Channel too so I really related to this. Erika took this class because it’s a GE and she heard from many people how much they loved it. At the moment, Erika believes she’s swimming in the stress of midterms/school as well as other things. It was really nice meeting you, Erika!

P.S. In the picture we took together, we were taking a selfie at the same time so I wasn’t looking at the right camera…oops.unnamed


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