Week Five-Activity-Ethnography

This week our activity was to spend a night in the dark. I live in the dorms so I was a bit nervous to complete this activity since I had to consider my roommate, suite-mates and people who live in my building. Also, candles are not allowed in the dorms, so I would have no source of light. I completed this task to the best of my ability! So anyway, when I came back to my dorm for the night my roommate initially had people over. At that point, I was kind of like…”what do I do?”. I ended up spending the night laying on a wet lawn, outside of my dorm building with a guy I had just met. We actually just chilled and laid in the grass, looking at the stars. It was so unexpected and kind of strange. At the same time, it was really nice. I got to enjoy the night and it’s peacefulness. Afterwards, I came back into my dorm where my roommate and friend were fast asleep. Since I had nothing else to do, I slept right away.

Thinking about how our ancestors lived without electricity/electronics is absolutely crazy to me. I cannot imagine a lifetime without it because I have never had to live with it, until this weekend. I genuinely think it’s so different on so many different aspects. On one level, you’re living without lots of light-except during the day. During the night, your selfies would have to be taken by the candle light–wait, there were no selfies. What did these people do to occupy their time other than take pictures of themselves during late hours of boredom? Maybe they read or spent time talking to people. I don’t necessarily think this lifestyle is better, just different. I do think it would be nice to spend more time reading, and talking to people rather than spending so much time on our electronics. Although, I would not want to live without my electronics, social media and smart phone. How would I live without a watch, alarm clock, flashlight, phone, music, and social media all in the palm of my hand?



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