Week 6-Artist Interview-Alice Andreini

This week, in the Gastov-East gallery, there was a show called Site Lines. Site Lines included paintings by three different artists including Sery Kwon, Laura Lopez and Alice Andreini. Although the gallery included all three of these artists, I only had the chance to interview one, Alice Andreini.

Alice’s pieces were all bright colored oil paintings of gardens. Each garden had an assortment of army men figurines. “How peculiar”, I originally thought. Getting to hear Alice’s explanations on her art allowed us to get a look inside of her vision.

Alice claimed that her original inspiration was her, “mother, an avid gardener in Minnesota. When she was sick I helped her garden and then I thought it would be a great subject.” The army figurines came into play because her mother actually collected several in which she found gardening. Alice said that when her mother would dig these deep holes in order to plant her garden and she would find all of these old toys in the dirt. When she found them she began to collect them and Alice felt by adding these pieces to her art, it would add a different dynamic. She stated that, “art is a privileged activity-so army men was a reminder of the need for protection and the destructive element.”

Alice is currently a student at CSULB majoring in contemporary drawing and painting. In the past, she was a theater designer so she had a bit of an artistic background. Although, she didn’t get serious about painting until five years ago. Oil painting is her favorite. In order to complete a painting, she first does research on her subject and draws out sketches. But, she still likes things to be open. When dealing with colors, she was looking for a synthetic contrast. Her whole idea for these paintings was to create a “whole bunch” and fill the room with a big flower.


Alice Andreini-(no website/contact information included)



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