Week 6-Classmate Conversation-Millie Herrera

I’m so excited to share with you all an extremely sweet classmate I got the chance to meet this week! Her name is Millie Herrera. Sometimes, in class you meet someone and interview them and immediately go on doing your own thing. With Millie, it wasn’t like this at all! We had the opportunity of spending the whole class together and actually taking the time to get to know one another. I really enjoyed talking to her and I truly hope we hang out throughout the rest of the semester in Art 110.

Eventually we took the time to sit down and learn a little more about each other’s lives. At this point, Millie began by sharing her major which is Business Marketing. She felt as though this major would allow her to not just to do business but to be creative with it. Eventually, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization. If she decides not to stick with Business Marketing, she says her backup would be kinesiology.

Then, I asked Millie why she decided to take Art 110. She informed me that she originally wanted to take French or Italian but those classes were full so she thought Art could be a fun substitute for a GE. She also took art in high school so she figured “why not?”. She actually was a little nervous to take this class because she heard on the news that in one art class the students were forced to get naked for their final because it was on, “the syllabus”. She really did not want to do that so she read over the syllabus very carefully. Thankfully, she is really enjoying this class so far and is having fun meeting new people as well as trying new things.

Since Millie commutes from Norwalk, she decided to get involved on campus with the club called Alpa Phi Omega. APO is a co-ed fraternity that is all about community service. She made a lot of friends through this organization and is actually now the secretary of the club. Millie got me really excited about APO and it might be something that I will try to join next semester.

With the question of the day, we mainly discussed our favorite colors and how it makes us feel. Green is Millie’s favorite color and she says she loves all shades because it reminds her of money and nature.

It was so nice to meet you, Millie!

Millie Herrera

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One thought on “Week 6-Classmate Conversation-Millie Herrera

  1. hahaha, of all the things Art110 has gotten in trouble for over the years, a “naked final” has definitely NOT been one of them!

    The pillow fight in the fountain was pretty epic… but we definitely had clothes on!


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