Week 7-Artist Interview-Jane Weibel

This week in the Gastov-West Gallery, I was able to experience the exhibition of “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time,” by Jane Weibel.

Entering the gallery was immediately stimulating. The room was filled with colorful ceramic structures. Looking around was exciting because there were different pieces like little swings and little clothing pieces. It struck up emotions and thoughts of my own childhood. It made me think of memories and things that I carry with me of my own life.

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Reading about Jane’s exhibit really made me think. There is a point where she questions if her childhood was exactly as she remembered it to be. Our own life perceptions are based off of personal experience and memories.

Getting a chance to talk to Jane gave me a bit more insight on her exhibit. The entire landscape was memories from her childhood and different things she remembered. Jane created this project mainly for herself as a personal project to solidify her memories in hopes of not losing them. She also wanted the people who viewed her gallery to reflect on their own childhood. She believes that early memories can become apart of you as a person and it makes you who you are. She was able to come up with the idea for her project over the summer and it took her 2 months to create all of the pieces. The display itself took around 36 hours to set up.

Her pieces were made out of ceramics which were glazed and fired at 2000 degrees. Another material she used were fibers such as zip ties which held some things together. Her major is also ceramics so that’s what she tends to focus on in her work. Although, she’s also interested in possibly taking up painting or photography.

Jane is a junior at Cal State Long Beach. She was asked about what inspired her to even begin art, in which she responded that she has been interested in it since she was young. When she wasn’t doing art, she missed it. That allowed her to decide that she wanted to do it full time.

Finally, we asked Jane the question of the day, “what crazy color would you dye your hair?” She responded with, “black.” Since she wouldn’t want to stand out and is more of an introvert she claimed that she wouldn’t want anything crazy done to it to stand out.

Check out Jane’s Instagram: Janemargarette
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