Week 7-Classmate Conversation-Jennifer Ramirez

Instead of finding a random person to interview this week in art, I decided to get to know friend a little more. I met Jennifer in our first week at the galleries and ever since have been hanging around her and getting to know her. This week I was able to interview in order to get to know her a little more!


We began our interview with the question of the week, what crazy color would you die your hair if you could? Jennifer went with pink! Such a cute color. She said she would chose this color because even if the color fades a light pink would still look cute. Rather than blue fading into a green.

Then, we got into a little bit more about her life. Currently, Jennifer is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach as a BioChemistry major. With Biochem, she plans to eventually become a Researcher PhD. Crazy enough, if all goes well, Jennifer will finish school at the age of 33! At this point, I asked her what got her into wanting to become a researcher. Her response was that, “last semester my professor inspired me to get my PhD. I wanted to become a pharmacist which is kind of boring. I did research with my professor and I really liked it.”

One of my favorite questions to ask is why this particular student decided to take Art 110. Jennifer personally heard it was an easy and fun GE. She looked up Glenn on Ratemyprofessor and was excited by his great reviews. Jennifer also enjoys drawing as a hobby! Her other hobbies include reading, watching tv and netflix, scrapbooking, and being a foodie! I think foodies are so cool so I wanted to know a bit more about that. She really loves finding cool places with great food. I asked her what her favorite place has been and she recommends Milanos on 4th Street in Long Beach for some great pizza! Her favorite food is Italian and she really loves cheese.

Jennifer also really wants to travel! She plans on taking a trip to Asia after she graduates possibly bringing along her sister.

Thanks for letting me interview you, Jennifer! I can’t wait to hangout more in Art 🙂
Check out her blog:



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