Week 7-Activity-Ephemeral Art


It has grown to become my favorite form of social media. Snapchat is so different than anything else out there. As simple as it is, there’s so many different things you can do with it and I love the constant variety. During Week 7, we were instructed to add different people from our class on snapchat and create photos with drawings. As I understand this is an art class, it was also almost a different experience for me because of how little the drawing feature is used on Snapchat lately. It was very popular for a while in the beginning of the Snapchat days but recently it seems people only use the drawing feature for a little bit of writing or small additions to their pictures.

So, to begin the activity, I added several classmates as well as Glenn (my professor). Then we all began snapping! It was so cool to take a sneak peak into other people’s lives whom I don’t know that well but are in such close proximity to me. Everyone lives such different lives so that was something I really enjoyed about this activity.

When Thursday rolled around, I began posting about my day. I typically post a couple things here and there on my story but on this day I decided to post a majority of the things I did including visiting the galleries with friends, taking a test, my cardio class, a couple trips to target, and playing board games to finish the night.

unnamed unnamed

These two pictures are of my friends who I hung out with on Thursday!

Another aspect to the assignment was to take screenshots of other classmate’s art!

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3

These are some snaps I received from other classmates which I found very artistic and even funny.

I’m really happy we got to do this activity with my favorite app! I hope everyone enjoyed this week as much as I did.


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