Week 8-Artist Interview-Rhiannon Aarons

After viewing her work, I was able to learn about Rhiannon Aarons and her pieces. Her show, Ex Libra, displayed different prints based off of mythology and misogyny.

Rhiannon has always been interested in art so she has continuously pursued her passion. She is currently a second year MFA student here at Cal State Long Beach where she is able to create her work. She really enjoys dry point prints. When she graduates, she hopes to continue to be creating her art, but to be making a bit more money

When asked about her inspiration of her show, she stated that, “with artists, no one gets the divine bulk of inspiration.” Although, she did say her interests of feminist writings contributed to her pieces. All of her pieces took her the better part of a year but she has also been working on other things simultaneously. So, only a small portion of her work is presented. After her shows, her pieces enter an archive until they are sold.

unnamed-1 unnamed

These pieces were put together through different files. The artist had to search for them, put them together and then print. In a nutshell, Rhiannon claimed that her pieces show how women’s bodies are not depicted properly historically. While her theme is mythology.

Personally, I really loves looking at this show because I found the pieces to be so interesting and beautiful. I have been taking biology this semester so I also found the concept very intriguing.


Contact Rhiannon Aarons:

Website: http://www.rhiannonaarons.com
Social Media: http://www.facebook.com/TempestArts
Twitter: @RhiannonAarons


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