Week 8-Classmate Conversation-Tyler Nakashima

This week I was able to talk to my classmate, Tyler Nakashima. To switch it up a little bit, Tyler and I began our interview with the question of the week. This week, our question was to ask which gallery we have seen that we were really able to relate to. Tyler and I bonded over the same gallery by Kiyomi Fukui. Her show was titled Reminiscing Remnants and it was based around the remnants of different tea parties she held during a rough time in her life. These tea parties brought her close friends and family together to converse and make memories. Tyler had really liked this show and claimed it was his favorite. He felt strongly about how it was inspired by great loss. It reminded him of the good that can come out of art and how sometimes it’s not just a painting on the wall. Similarly, I was really moved by the engagement of the show and I was really inspired by how Fukui was able to take such loss and turn it into something so beautiful.

Onto a little bit more about Tyler, he is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. His major is Health Science and he plans to become a secondary education teacher. He chose to attend Long Beach State because he got in here and it was close to home. He lives in Long Beach and commutes from about five minutes away. Surprisingly, Tyler actually knew where I was from and has been there before! We both really enjoy the great food Old Town Pasadena has to offer.

It was really nice to meet you, Tyler!

Check out his blog here: tylernakashima.com



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