Week 9-Classmate Conversation-Emily Snyder

This week at the galleries I met my classmate named Emily Snyder! Emily genuinely seems like such a sweet person and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know her a little bit this week.

Emily is actually a first year at Cal State Long Beach-she’s actually the first first year I have met in this class! I was excited to hear how she is enjoying it here. Especially since Emily is native to Nebraska! She came from an extremely small town there so it was very different adjusting to Long Beach. Emily said in her small town the only thing to do is go to the movies and they only have one or two showing at a time. The mall where she lives only has one store she would actually shop at. So, living in Long Beach has definitely been a lot different. She loves going to the beach now that it’s been available to her! So far, she likes Seal Beach and Huntington.

Emily also likes playing piano and the guitar in her spare time. We bonded over our love for Taylor Swift-as she is a queen. We also both live in the same dorms, so I told her to say hi if we see each other around! Emily really loves to travel as well. She has not yet been overseas but she has visited places like Canada, Mexico and many, many states. Her favorite place she has been is upstate New York, where she says it is extremely beautiful. We also talked about how we are both the middle child-which totally sucks!

As for the question of the week, Emily loves the ceramics pieces she has seen so far. She claims that their differences are so prominent while still remaining a similar type of 3D art. She loves how these pieces can be painted and decorated and just created so uniquely.

In our selfie together, we got photobombed by Glenn, himself! It was definitely a fun conversation. Nice meeting you, Emily.


Check out her blog: ylimesnyder.com


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