Week 9-Activity-Transmedia Story

This week for our activity we worked on a transmedia story with classmates. I worked with Jennifer Ramirez and Natalie Mai. We decided to do something that we found interesting and we were all interested in love stories. Personally, I used to read a lot of teen fiction based around romance. I was excited for this project but it turned out a lot different than I expected. So each of us created out character based around the idea of a love triangle. We made a google doc to add our characters information and write out our script. We decided to use twitter and pinterest for our social media. Our twitter held the conversation between characters where we had our storyline displayed. Our pinterest was more of a background for our social media since it just showed our interests and a bit about each of our personalities.

Here are our character’s backstory:

Jennifer’s Character: Melissa Davis

Background: 2nd year at Yale, aspiring politician, Christian, loves books, her boyfriend Brad Smith who attends Harvard, and baking

Twitter: @melissadavis96

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/melissadavis199/

Julia’s Character: Nicole Hanes

Background: 2nd year at Yale, born and raised in California, studies for fun, also enjoys going out and having a good time, vegetarian, fitness, family-oriented, obsessed with her best friend Brad

Twitter: @nicolehanes1

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hanes1037/

Name: Brad smith

Twitter: @xbradsmith

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/itsnatahlee/

Background: 2nd year at Harvard, raised in California, loves sport cars and sports (swimming especially), has a girlfriend name Melissa Davis (attends Yale), aspiring surgeon, studies a lot due to wanting to graduate the top of his class.


B: Happy Birthday Melissa! I wish I was there on your special day! #20thbirthday

M:Surprise Brad!!!! I’m at Harvard!! <3333

B: Melissa…why didn’t you tell me ahead of time?

*Melissa barges in on Brad and Nicole, Nicole leaves running from the dorm room. Melissa storms out leaving Brad alone. Later on in the day they start a twitter battle*

M: @nicolehanes1 how can you do this to me? I thought we were friends! I knew I could never trust you ever since I knew you had a rep 😡 #backstabber

N: @melissadavis96 I just could not help falling for Brad! He is so sweet and smart. Plus you are never even with him…what did you expect

B: @melissadavis96 @nicolehanes1 I don’t want you two fighting I care about both of you

M: @xbradsmith STAY OUT OF THIS how can you say you care about me when you cheated on me you douche!!!

N: @melissadavis96 leave Brad alone he is my best friend and I knew he would be mine one day and I love him and HE LOVES ME NOT YOU #burn

M: @nicolehanes1 You’re such a lying whore Brad thinks you’re too clingy and obsessive lately he will come back to me because I haven’t been passed around like you #shadybitches #slut

B: @melissadavis96 @nicolehanes1 Okay you two are both psycho #bye

It was fun each getting into our character. I think my favorite part of this assignment was developing a character and how I made her. I created her in an image of myself-almost of who I wish I was or different characteristics I wanted. Not in the aspect of having the affair but more in the aspect of her activities. I find it so cool to be a vegetarian or very into fitness. As much as I like who I am and am confident in myself, I found myself giving this girl a life that I almost wish was mine. I made my character almost personal to me, even though it wasn’t someone I knew. I put a lot of effort into making the character real. I think this project would almost be more effective if it was over a longer period of time where people were able to devote time to it. It was hard to accomplish because of how everyone in our group had different schedules. Although I really liked developing the character and the story.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.53.47 PM


One thought on “Week 9-Activity-Transmedia Story

  1. Hey Julia,

    Thanks again for inspiring this whole activity!

    Yes, of course you’re right, more time would really help with this activity! But as you know, it’s hard to fit that in with the structure of our class. Also, in the past I’ve found that when we’ve tried multi-week projects that it mostly just translates into do-nothing-for-a-couple-of-weeks-and-then-rush-at-the-end. So in a “Lower Division GE” it’s really hard to build something larger (I’ve been TRYING for 10 years! 😛

    Did you guys script out how the interaction would go? Or have character models and then let the dialog unfold however it did? Or a little of both?

    I just came across this cool character modeling website. It’s actually a planning tool for startup companies, so the “Character Modeling” is really “future customer modeling”. Even so, it’s a pretty cool interactive form that lets you think about a character. And it’s completely free!


    If you feel like playing with it I could give you some EC points or trade it for some other activity.

    Also, if you wanted to do more in this space, you could take an Independent Study next semester. Art 495 is Independent Study where you create your own project proposal and then do it. With some guidance from a faculty member. The activity could be like Creative Writing or Theater or New Media Storytelling… but there’s also a chance you could write it up in a way that your adviser could apply it as part of your Social Work degree program. (obviously you’d have to discuss that with your adviser!)

    Glad you had fun with this project, Julia!


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