Week 9-Artist Interview-Juan Martin

During week nine, I took the time to interview Juan Martin. Juan’s showcase displayed three different pieces: a mannequin, taxidermy and a minimalist cube. Each with it’s own ideas made out of different materials.

The mannequin, my favorite piece, was made out of concrete-sitting on a mirror. Juan said that he was inspired by mannequins in general for this piece because they intrigue him. He talked about how they are artificial but they try to sell you things. Also, he mentioned how, “they’re hollow but they want to be alive.” In a way these artificial beings represent us. He made the mannequin sit on a mirror to feel more of the weight of it. It took Juan a few weeks to make this sculpture.


Another piece was the taxidermy piece which represented a deer or an antelope. One side of this piece looks like a typical deer while the other half has it’s own skin decked out in a geometric pattern. It was inspired by technology and he made it to be organic. He made this piece out of graphite on a machine. It took about two weeks to make this piece.unnamed-2

The box piece is conceptual to the viewer. It was his most curious piece. Personally, I wasn’t sure what to take from it, but I found it very interesting that he came up with such a piece. This piece only took him a few hours to make.

When asked about his favorite piece, Juan couldn’t pick just one. All of his pieces mean different things to him. He felt that the box is the most curious, as stated. Whereas taxidermy is “woah in your face.”

As an artist, Charles Ray is his inspiration. Charles Ray is an LA based sculpturer who creates work similar to his.

You can find Juan’s work on his facebook: facebook.com/JuanMartinArt



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