Week 10-Activity-Game Design

For our game design activity this week we were able to experiment with geocaching.

Geocaching is a unique scavenger hunt through the use of an app. Our first mission of this activity was to download this app and play around with it. I had always heard about geocaching through TV and the internet but have never given it a try myself. I thought it was cool to see all of the hidden stuff in my area. It is fun to think that you and not many others take the time to hide/find little trinkets while the rest of the world is in oblivion to them.

After downloading the app and playing around with it a little bit, I was able to start my hunt. I decided to look for Glenn’s geocache since it seemed close to me and I was on a bit of a time crunch. I headed out in hopes of finding this little altoids can! Using the compass on the app and my general knowledge of the area, I was able to eventually locate the altoids can!  I didn’t have a pen on me so I was not able to sign the blue book of visitors. But I did bring a mini crunch bar (piece of candy) to trade for another object. I took out some orange post it notes which I thought I could find useful for studying. Hopefully someone was able to find my chocolate bar and enjoy it in time for Halloween!

unnamed-6 unnamed-7

Here are the pictures of the tin I found and the crunch bar I left for another lucky geocacher!

I did enjoy this activity because it was a cool way for me to see that things other than what I typically see exist in close vicinities to me. I sometimes get very caught up in my own life and daily routine that I don’t look outside the box. This activity made me think a lot about that and how I can be very caught up in my own world sometimes. Although I did enjoy geocaching this week, I most likely would not spend much time doing this otherwise.


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