Week 10-Artist Interview-Matthew Dumpit

This week I had the opportunity of viewing the work of Matthew Dumpit in the Marilyn Werby gallery. His show was a lot different than anything I had seen before. His show was called Motions and Emotions based on his passion for design and the concept of the complexity of emotion.


Matthew was initially from the bay area but decided to come to Long Beach because of the great art program. Currently, he is a senior getting his BFA. He began art in elementary school where he got really good at it. He really enjoys working with metals and hopes to get into design in the future. He really would love to get into creative design such as in architecture. He especially enjoys working with metal because it’s easy to manipulate and it’s such a good foundation. Eventually, he hopes of becoming a millionaire and maybe displaying his pieces in shows in Downtown LA, Seattle, and Japan.

Since the concept of emotion is so complex, Matthew just hopes that people will take their own interpretations from each piece. This is why he did not name the individual pieces with what emotion he connects with because he wanted people to take their own emotions from them.

To make these pieces Matthew used welding wire, steel, copper, brass and a bit of wood. One of his pieces where he built a chair, took five to six months.

unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4

Currently, Matthew does not have a website.


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