Week 11-Classmate Conversation-Andrea Casamitjana

This week at the galleries, I had the opportunity of meeting Andrea Casamitjana. Andrea is a second year at Cal State Long Beach studying as a film major. I was very interested to learn that Andrea moved her from Spain 2 1/2 years ago.

Spain was such a big part of Andrea’s life, it is her home. Since she lived in Spain for a majority of her life, she would still like to move back there. She had to move to America because of her dad’s job right before her senior year of high school. So, she didn’t even have the opportunity to graduate with her classmates of years. In America, Andrea says there is a lot of tempting, unhealthy food that makes her fat. Currently, Andrea has a short commute to school of only five minutes!

Andrea’s hobbies include acting, dancing, traveling, hanging with friends, being outdoors, and sleeping. She can speak English, Spanish, and basic French. She can also understand French and Italian. She has traveled so many places since that is something she enjoys. Some of the places Andrea has traveled to includes: England, France, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Canada. Italy is her favorite place to travel. Next she really wants to visit New Zealand.

Eventually, Andrea wants to become an actress. Since it is so hard to break into the industry, her plan is to get her degree as a film major. Then she wants to produce her own movie and star in it. Or at least, that’s her lifelong dream.

When we talked about the question of the week, she said that she, “maybe would get a tattoo someday but it it would have to be something with meaning. I see a lot of people with tattoos that have no meaning and that isn’t exactly art.”

I hope you can accomplish your dream, Andrea! It was great meeting you.

Check out her blog:   andreacasamitjana.wordpress.com



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