Week 11-Activity-Fiber Art

This week for our activity we were instructed to find a type of fiber art we maybe haven’t done before or something we have done and enjoy doing. I was stumped, honestly. I wanted to do something that I could learn but I also have been having a very busy week. At the same I don’t have a lot of resources since I don’t have a car and live at the dorms. So I had to find something I could do on a budget and with the space that I had.

It all worked out when my roommate suggested I help her with something she was making! My roommate, Bry, is in a sorority and she had planned to give her little a blanket that she made. So we decided to work on it together where I was able to learn how to make these types of blankets! I have actually received one of these blankets as a gift before and really loved it. So I’m glad I got the opportunity to learn. It was actually quite simple.

So, after getting two different fabrics of your choice, lay them out on top of one another. Next, make it the size that you want it by cutting off the edges.


This is Bry cutting the blankets to the size she wanted.

After, you have to cut out little squares in each corner so you can tie the sides together. At this point it is time to cut your pieces! The length between each piece doesn’t have to be exact but as long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

Here is Bry cutting the pieces to her liking.


I was able to help Bry then tie each piece together to create the final product.

This blanket is so cute and double sided! I can’t wait to make one for myself.



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