Week 11-Artist Interview-Kathy Yoon

This week at the galleries I had the opportunity of viewing the work of Kathy Yoon. Her gallery included different character pieces in a show called “So Many Me’s.” Each individual figurine in this gallery represents different moods that Kathy has had in which she created a “me”. In order to make these different pieces, Kathy sculpted them out of clay. Overall, she only used the colors black, white, and red. The red was used to show the specific details so they would stand out. Each piece has a mouth stitched out of yarn. This project took her a year to complete.

Kathy began doing art 6 years ago. Before becoming a ceramics major, she was a math major at Cal State Long Beach. Currently, she is finishing up her degree with this show being her finale. In the future, she wants to go into character design and maybe do animation. She really enjoys creating 3D pieces which is why ceramics is so perfect for her.This entire show was really a summary of Kathy’s life experiences. All of her emotions and struggles are shown through this show. Creating these pieces were almost therapeutic for Kathy because as she created them during a rough time, they gave her a release. Some of her characters are happy, sad, or even silly. This project allowed Kathy to display all of the different things she has been through.

unnamed-2 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-3

I was personally drawn to this gallery because of how different these pieces were. I was a little creeped out at first because of the sewn mouths-it reminded me almost of the movie Coraline. Just in the sense of looks of the animation. From the emotional sense, I really could appreciate this work. I remember entering the gallery and relating to a piece before I even knew what the show was about. I connected to it. I really love when artists are able to show their emotion to their audience while allowing room for interpretation.

Check out Kathy’s art on her instagram: @kathy.c.yoon



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