Week 12-Classmate Conversation-Stephanie Chang

This is actually not the first time I have met Stephanie Chang. We actually have a mutual friend, my old roommate, Jessica. Jessica actually lives with Stephanie now! So, we immediately had this connect and we talked a little bit in the beginning of the semester. Since we both ended up sticking with periscope on Tuesday’s we didn’t get to know each other during this class as much as we had liked. This interview gave us the chance to get to know each other a little bit better and I’m really happy I got to just talk with Steph.

Originally, Stephanie is from the San Jose area. After high school, she moved to Southern California with her family and began college here at Cal State Long Beach. She is a second year Business Marketing major. Stephanie is Taiwanese and often visits Taiwan. This past summer she had the opportunity to visit family there and adventure. She had also visited many other places such as Europe, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and many states along the East Coast.

Another hobby besides traveling that Stephanie has is photography. She first got a camera her junior year of high school when she was about to go on her trip to Europe. This inspired her to join yearbook her senior year where she really enjoyed herself. Her class even got to take a trip to Columbia University in New York for a yearbook conference. That was such a good memory for her because they got to just leave school and adventure into New York.

Regarding the question of the week, Stephanie really loves all pastel colors. If she had to choose one it would be pastel purple. No color aggravates her-she loves all colors.

Check out her blog here! http://www.stephmchang.wordpress.com


We were lucky we hung out this weekend for Jessica’s birthday because we had forgotten to take a picture together!


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