Week 12-Activity-ePortfolio

For this week’s activity we were supposed to create our ePortfolio. So with this website we are supposed to create something that will last and best represent us.

The first thing I did was review my theme. That was something we were supposed to look through and find one we really want to represent our website. In all honest, I really liked my theme and even though I looked at other ones I decided to stick with mine. I think my theme is able to represent me as a person. My overall goal for my WordPress is to just give the internet a taste of myself. I plan to use this site to document my life.

In order to give my site a little bit more of a personal flare, I decided to add an about me page. This basically just gives a little bit of insight on my goals and dreams. It allows people to get to know me a little better other than just my art posts.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.14.31 PM

The last thing I did to edit my ePortfolio was add a Copyright All Right reserve mark. This is just to show that the pictures that I took on here were my own and that I would rather not have pictures (especially of me) be taken for someone’s own.

Thank you for checking out my WordPress! I really enjoyed working on this site and hope to continue to post for all of those who view.


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