Week 12-Artist Interview-Christopher Linquata

Entering Gastov-West this week I was immediately impressed. The paintings that covered the walls looked like pictures. They were so realistic I felt like I was there. I actually initially thought I recognized the setting; I believed they were based upon Sunken City in a surrounding city of Long Beach. I have always wanted to visit this place so I was very drawn to these paintings for this reason as well. Later I learned that the pieces were based in San Pedro. The collection of paintings is called, “Sacred and Profane,” which shows different scenarios of these people surrounded by graffiti covered concrete.

In each painting, along with his other characters he has an image of himself. It’s easy to recognize him because of his long beard and hat. He shows himself tagging on the concrete. He looks the same in person as he does in each painting.

Linquata is currently finishing up his masters program here at Cal State Long Beach for representational painting and drawing. The paintings in the show are acrylic. He also goes to teach at Cal State University of Northridge to improve his art skills.His art is typically inspired by the Renaissance and street art.

I really enjoyed viewing such realistic paintings; it was actually mind blowing to me. I cannot imagine how much patience and time it took to create something so detailed and beautiful.

Check out Christopher’s Instagram: @icon5350

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