Week 13-Classmate Conversation-Jackie Bautista

This week I had the opportunity to interview Jackie Bautista. We have never really talked but we recognized each other from a mutual friend and seeing each other at different events. I was really excited to finally talk to her and get to know her a little bit better!

Jackie is a second year Kinesiology major. She had wanted to go into Kin because she is really into sports and really likes working out as well. At first she thought about going into Physical Therapy but now she wants to do something different with Kinesiology. Jackie is from North Hollywood, CA and went to John Burrows High School. Currently lives in the dorms! It is her second year dorming and she really enjoys it.

Before deciding on Cal State Long Beach, Jackie really wanted to attend SDSU. She loves San Diego and thinks it’s so beautiful. Unfortunately, attending SDSU wasn’t possible for Jackie because of the expenses and the distance. She said she was a little bitter about attending Long Beach State at first but she grew to love this school.

In her spare time, Jackie loves to hangout with friends and family, draw, hike, eat go to concerts and make anything into an adventure. She likes all music except country. This summer she attended FYF festival and really enjoyed seeing Kanye. She also really likes watching Netflix; binge-watching and movies. Her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.

Jackie has one sibling-an older sister. Even though her sister is five years older than her, people often mistake them as twins. She also has two dogs at home.

Regarding the question of the week, we were asked to discuss what we thought of art our first week of class compared to now, Week 13. Jackie said that, “before, I would visit galleries and I did believe that art was anything with meaning. Nothing has really changed in my perspective but this class has exposed me to new types of art. Like fiber art, I had never seen fiber art before.”

Check out Jackie’s blog here: jackiemarieb.wordpress.com0af3fe8c-ddc9-4af1-8491-32ccd1a09b7b


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