Week 14-Classmate Conversation-Kayla Wiese-Sanchez and Perla Aguayo

This week during gallery we were instructed to get into not groups of 2, but groups of 3. Initially, I was taken aback by these instructions because I wasn’t exactly sure how this would work or how difficult it would be to find two strangers instead of just one.

Surprisingly, it was actually not too difficult. As soon as I entered the galleries, I found two girls huddled together. I quickly asked if they needed someone to interview and they said yes! Their names are Kayla Wiese-Sanchez and Perla Aguayo and they are roommates!

Kayla is an undeclared second year here at Cal State Long Beach. She is interested in pursuing computer science but unfortunately, they won’t let her declare that here at Long Beach. This is because she apparently has too many units. Kayla plans to transfer at some point in order to pursue what she actually wants to do. She has four brothers and two sisters. Being a cat person, Kayla has two beautiful kitties. Her favorite form of art is music. She enjoys all types of music and loves playing the guitar.

Perla is also a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. She is declared as a child development major. She’s from Ontario which is about an hour away but she did not want to stay close to home. Which is why she dorms here in Long Beach with Kayla. She has two older brothers and two dogs. Perla just so happens to be a dog person. Her favorite type of art is also music. She believes music is a very prominent part in her daily life and she loves finding that one song that she can connect to.

These girls decided to take this class together as a GE and to hangout together as roommates. I had a great time getting to know them a little bit. Here’s our selfie together 🙂


In the middle is Kayla and on the right is Perla!

Check out their blogs as well:

Kayla’s: kayladelaney.wordpress.com

Perla’s: perlaguayo.wordpress.com


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